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7174 Squam View in July

7253 Vibrant Colors

Karel Hayes
Award winning and New York Times reviewed author and illustrator Karel Hayes has written and illustrated nine books and illustrated over twenty-six books, six of them with her son and fellow artist John Gorey.

Her artwork has been shown at several art clubs in New York City, The Cincinnati Museum of Natural History, the Philadelphia Museum of Fine Arts Sales Gallery, Surroundings Gallery in Sandwich, NH, and in many other galleries throughout the U.S.

Her popular “Visitor’ Series, published by Down East Books, includes ”The Winter Visitors, The Summer Visitors, The Autumn Visitor, The Christmas Visitors, and the Spring Visitors. 

Soon to be released: Little Bear’s Friends 2020, Little Bear’s Balloons 2020, and the Sandy Snowman 2020

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It Happened One Fall

It Happened One Fall

A Summer Afternoon

A Summer Afternoon

At the Edge of the Woods

At the Edge of the Woods

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