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Leigh English

Self-taught as a calligrapher/watercolorist, Leigh has, over the past thirty-five years developed a business that includes the design of wedding invitations, certificates, honorary resolutions and business cards, small commemorative pieces and the larger, illuminated work that is her special love. Leigh is a state-juried member of both the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and the New Hampshire Art Association, and a founder of the Granite Scribes. For many years she taught calligraphy and related arts at the Manchester Institute of Arts and Sciences, as well as through various adult education programs in the Concord, NewHampshire area. 

Leigh says of her work: I have a hard time divorcing text from image; a few words can bring a profusion of images to my mind, an image can bring a flood of words. My particular medium allows me the luxury of combining them, in layouts loosely based on early illuminated manuscript pages. The layering of text that appears in much of my recent work gives me opportunity for even greater depth of expression, both verbally and artistically. The watercolor painting that began thirty-five years ago as a way to decorate my lettering, has now become integral and continues to change as I discover new techniques, new ways to reproduce what I see. The work I’m doing now is simply the current step in the evolution of my learning.

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Story of a House

Story of a House

Winter Blues

Winter Blues

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